Acceptance & acknowledgment of the many benefits of massage have been embraced by a wider field of health professionals and the community over the past few years. It is the preferred choice by many people dealing with stiff muscles, aches and pains, stress and fatigue, grief and loss and as a remedy for ‘slowing down’ and taking some ‘timeout’ from our busy lives.
45 mins $70 - 1 hour $90 - 90mins $135

Remedial/Deep Tissue

Our most popular and our ‘speciality’because we are passionate about massage. Skill comes with experience in any field and our deep tissue therapists understand what a ‘great massage’ means. Incorporating firm pressure, trigger point work, aromatherapy and balanced with periods of relaxing flowing movements this massage style is the one that works magic!

45 mins $70 - 1 hour $90 - 90mins $135


A unique and deeply relaxing massage using a
sequence of slow, rhythmic movements and a blend of selected essential
oils to suit your state of mind and health.

45 mins $70 - 1 hour $90 - 90mins $135

Pregnancy Massage

“Oh! I wish I could stay here all day!”
Our pregnancy pillow allows you to lie face down and relax even in the later weeks of pregnancy. This massage is carefully balanced between a little pressure and lots of relaxation and aids in releasing tense shoulders, tired legs and general weariness.
45 mins $70 - 1 hour $90 - 90mins $135


Perhaps your aim is to relax and unwind in a soothing and peaceful environment. Using medium to light pressure with rhythmic strokes this massage is soothing and will assist with lymphatic drainage and circulation.
1 hr - $95

Hot Stone Massage

The true relaxation experience! Prepare yourself for this unique and extremely soothing massage treatment that results from the combined effect of heated stones gliding over your body and the healing benefits of essential oils. Your therapist will use subtle massage techniques to assist the release of pent up tension and stress. Be transported to another time and place!
1 hr - $95

Drift-Away Massage

Another of our popular treatments, combining a 30 minute back of body massage with a 30 minute face and scalp massage. This treatment includes facial cleanse, warm compress, tone and moisturise before your depart feeling refreshed and relaxed!
1 hr - $95

Stress Buster Massage

Just for those who love a foot massage but want a body massage too! Combining a 30 minute back of body massage and a 30 minute treatmenton your feet, including a tropical sugar scrub to smooth and soften, a detoxifying clay mask and last, but not least, an intensive foot massage!
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